Ready for a potion class !

This is time to go back to school for a few moments and take a potion master class, quite different from the usual. Forget Professor Snape’s monotonous and boring class, we are going to spice things up a bit. So welcome into the 2.0 class potion delivered by Professor Cinereplicas.
polyjuice recipe
Even if you’re not Hermione, you are going to nail it. So put on your apron, roll up your sleeves and prepare a delicious Polyjuice.
Polyjuice is a potion that allows the drinker to take the form of someone else and the brewing process takes a month. But don’t worry - our Polyjuice takes only 5min to prepare. You won’t be transformed into anyone else (maybe after a few drinks, who knows !) Get ready to blow your friends and loved ones’ mind.
Our recipe is not only cool but also tasty ! And it’s very easy to make. You only need soda (like sprite, 7-up) and lime sherbet (a little bit of green food coloring if you want a neon color).

Here, at Cinereplicas, we are very generous. That’s why, the provided quantity are for a punch bowl of Polyjuice (about 16 persons) but not only 1 drink. You can make less potion if you want, all you have to do is to adapt the quantity.

NB : Since alcohol is prohibited at work and we have to consume in moderation, we simply make photos for a drink ! But the quantities are for a punch bowl, be warned !


Ingredients :

  • ½ gallon lime sherbet
  • 2L Lemon-Lime soda (like Sprite, 7-Up)
  • 1 cup vodka (optional)
  • 1 drop of green food coloring


Step 1.

Add you lime sherbet to a large punch bowl (if you want a big stock of Polyjuice), or any other container of your choice. 

polyjuice recipe


Set 2.

Pour in the vodka. If you prefer a kid-friendly version, simply skip the vodka.
polyjuice recipe

Add one drop of green coloring if you want a neon color.

Then pour slowly  the lemon-lime soda. Be careful, it will foam and rise very quickly.  We advise you to pour the soda at the very last minute in front of your guests to surprise them. And to keep the frothy, bubbly look of the cocktail.

Polyjuice recipe

That’s ready ! We told you, it only took 5 min.

polyjuice recipe

If you want, it can  even be used as decoration. Just pour it into a nice container and add a label on it - for a more authentic touch. Cherry on the cake, your guest can drink it directly.

You can download our labels here :

label potion harry potter


Cheers !

harry potter


Lavender Cheung

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