Our commitment to sustainable development

Cinereplicas, Action ! 

 Environmental issues continue to remain an important consideration not only for business, but also for our daily lives. It does not matter if you are a Muggle or a Wizard, living on the same planet, we believe that we all are responsible for making our Mother Earth more sustainable.

Understanding that environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenges of our time, we are aspired to have a positive impact on the planet. At Cinereplicas, we want to play our part in tackling environmental issues by being part of the solution, but not part of the pollution.

1. Environmental aspects

- We are committed to reducing our plastic waste. Working towards reducing plastics in our packaging, our goal is to eliminate plastic packaging in clothing collection by 75% by the end 2020. This initiative will be extended to the packaging of our entire collections. Our goal is to lower single-use plastic by 95% by 2025.

- Carbon emission will also be our priority. Our objective is to reduce our carbon emission to its minimum. We will continue to prioritize ocean freight over air freight. Additionally, only containers that are at least 90% filled will be shipped.


 - Making better small choices in our daily life can help make big impacts for a healthier planet. That is why we are implicating our employees in this initiative starting from their daily life at the office. We will put in place paper recycling bins to eliminate paper waste. On top of that, reusable cups, cutlery and dishes are also made available to all employees in order to encourage their participation as much as possible.

By the first quarter of 2020, all the lights of our office will be replaced by energy-efficient ones. Our employees are also encouraged to be more involved in the initiatives by participating in workshops, eco-tours, or clean-ups.

We are working in a magical universe, but unfortunately this is not the magic that could save the planet. At Cinereplicas, we value the environment and our society and we will make sure that it shows on our business practice.”Fabrice Bensoussan, CEO

But we are not stopping here. Cinereplicas takes environmental and social issues seriously. Through continuous efforts, we want to go as far as we can as our Sustainability Manager define and refine our short and long-term goals. We aim to lift up what we do and advocate for positive change by inspiring others to take action.


2. Social aspects

- As a brand that manufactures its own products, Cinereplicas believes that responsible sourcing will also ensure a more sustainable supply chain socially and environmentally. Our goal is to rebuild our evaluation chart that takes social responsibilities into account without compromising our existing quality. In order to ensure that all productions are carried out ethically and ecologically, we will establish a supplier code of conduct which explains Cinereplicas’ standards and expectations with respect to key areas of corporate responsibility. We will work with our supplies towards meeting the expectations outlined in this document.

- To reinforce human working environment along our whole supply chain, factory partners are required to provide a complete list of personnel working in situ to ensure that the working environment and hours are conformable to regulations. In addition to these existing policies, credible third party will be engaged to audit the social and environmental compliance.

Starting from April 2019, all items in clothing collection are produced with reduced packaging from April 2019 onwards. These new editions will be available in the market as soon as our existing stock will be stockout.

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