Mother's Day activity ideas

One of the greatest things that the Harry Potter saga taught us is how powerful a mother’s love can be, and how much a mother can sacrifice for her loved ones. It’s the time of the year where you get to show her how she is loved and cared for also. (Read more about mother’s love in Harry Potter here

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Here’s our thought: a grand gesture on Mother’s Day would be great, but sometimes Mom just wants us to spend some quality time with her. This year, we are proposing Mother’s Day activities to bond and connect with Mom as her Mother’s day gift.

Bond and relax

Mom spends most of her time taking care of her and she deserves spending time on herself and have herself well taken-care of.

Book a mother and son/ daughter yoga session with her. Mom will appreciate the chance to have her body and mind refreshed.

Why not take a step further and wear matching outfits. Not only are our t-shirts magical, they are super comfy, making them perfect for yoga.

Get Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory’s Triwizard t-shirts if you two have always been a bit competitive with each other. If you two look alike and people always mistake you as your mom - just like Fred and George Weasley - why not get two Hermione Quidditch fans t-shirts so that you two look like twins.

Harry Potter Hair Accessories set

If you or your mom have long hair, consider getting one of these hair accessories to stay stylish while you do the downward facing dog position ;)

Something sweet

If your mom is the kind of person who recharges from enjoying a good meal, there’s no better way to thank her love than treating Mom something nice and sweet !

Not too talented in baking? Don’t worry - we have some simple recipes prepared for you. It doesn’t matter just you are thinking of cookies or cupcakes, we have them covered.

Check out the recipes respectively here:

Harry Potter cookies recipe in Hogwarts colors

Harry Potter cookies recipe

Harry Potter Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Harry Potter Chocolate Cupcakes

Don’t be afraid of introducing her to the wizarding world, cause, her love has been like magic to you after all! (Love, Harry. Love)

Love Harry love

Credit: New Love Times

If you don’t have all the bakewares required, here’re where they can be found.

Make everything beautiful

Now that your baked goodies are ready, you can further impress Mom and set the table with love and magic. No sure how and where to gather all the essentials? Our party pack would be a good option - two different styles available (Hogwarts / Characters)

Hogwarts birthday set

Hogwarts houses

Birthday Party Set - Kawaii


If you have been reading till this point, here’s a good news for you, the items mentioned in this article will be on promotion until 12 May 2019. Check out the discount code here.

Audray Bensoussan

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