How to host a Harry Potter Halloween party

Halloween is one of the most loved festivals around the year. As kids, we loved running around in the neighborhood, going from door to door, screaming “Trick or treat”, and indulging ourselves with kilos of sweets afterwards.

Now that you have grown and might not be as much a fan of running around anymore. You want to nail the perfect spooky Halloween party for your friends and are looking for new ideas to host your own.

Who says Halloween says Harry Potter. C’mon! With the robes, the magic and all the mysterious sides, what can be a more perfect theme? Chances are you have already been to quite some Harry Potter themed parties. But here’s the good news, having the same theme doesn’t necessarily mean hosting the same party. We are sharing some of our tips to successfully host one of the best Harry Potter Halloween parties.

Everything starts with a good invitation

No party is a party without any guests. Your invitation is the first thing that your guests get to have a taste of your party. Make sure you make it spooky and magical enough that they understand your Harry Potter theme. Don’t hesitate to remind them of the dress code if you wish to have one.

Here’s an invitation card we prepared for you in case you are not too inspired to design your own.

Feed your guests with unappetizing Halloween food, or not

Okay, we can all agree that Halloween is the only day of the year where people actually put unappetizing food into their mouth: cookies in the shape of bleeding fingers, spaghetti and meatball brains, fish eyeball drinks, just to name a few.

But does Halloween necessarily has to be unappetizing? This year, tempt your guests with food that looks magical. 

Bake cupcakes with Halloween themed icing. Here’s a good cupcake recipe if you need one.

If you’re up for adding extra magic, you can use our Harry Potter baking cups available here.

Harry Potter cupcakes HalloweenApple lollies being known as one of the most popular party foods, your guests will be delighted to find them at your Harry Potter party. As complicated as it might sound, it is actually not that difficult to make. You can find a dedicated recipe here. While you can go without any icing at all, if you want to make your apple lollies more special, you can indeed use a cookie cutter to shape the icing for decoration.



Icecube Harry Potter drink HalloweenNo party is a good party without drinks. Your guests will come thirsty, waiting for your drinks. It does not matter if your Harry Potter party is providing alcoholic drinks or not - the only factor that matters: the magical level of your Harry Potter drinks.

Having killer drinks is of course important, but it’s a Harry Potter party! Your guests will surely enjoy seeing more magic in your drinks. We have 5 Harry Potter inspired cocktail recipes prepared for you to have the situation under control. 

To make things even more magical, drop the ordinary ice cubes and go for the magical ones, either in their cutie form, or in forms of various symbols in the Harry Potter universe.


Now that you have your menu set, it’s time to think of the decoration. If you are looking for something more traditionally magical, you can surely turn your living room into one of the common rooms with these Harry Potter banners available here.

But since it’s Halloween, why not go to another level and push up the spookiness. No advance magic required, just some cheese cloth, balloons and fabric stiffener will do the trick. With the help of these, you will be able to invite some harmless dementors flying around. If you are unsure how, you can check out the instructions here.

Now, just one last thing before you are all set - the costume.

Hosting a Harry Potter Halloween party, nothing is more normal than expecting your guests to be showing up in Wizarding costumes. If your guests seem to be a bit lost, here are some inspirations you can provide them

The classic look

Harry Potter costume HalloweenWearing a Harry Potter robe seems to be a no-brainer. But the importance is also to be able to wear it in a more classy and stylish way. Match your robe with a classy Harry Potter sweater inside. Don’t forget your necktie to complete your full set of Hogwarts uniform. If your guest is unsure of their Hogwarts house, invite them to have themselves sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin before getting their own uniform. For those who wish to stand out among the crowd, why not add a student hat on top.

The sportive look

Quidditch being the most popular sport among wizards and witches, your more active guests might indeed be interested in a more sportive look also. Just like a football jersey, this Quidditch robe (available in Gryffindor and Slytherin) is personalisable, allowing you to put your own name and number on. For your real dedicated guests, they might even want to include a Nimbus 2000 as part of their costume. Afterall, what Quidditch player comes without their flying broomstick?

The champion look

Triwizard t-shirt Harry Potter costume HalloweenDressing like a champion will surely make you feel like one. Looking for a night with glory? Dress yourself as a! Depending on the side you take, you can either go for Harry Potter or Cedric Diggory’s Triwizard t-shirt. Why not pair it with a scarf of your house to make sure that you don’t catch the cold while trick-or-treating.

The “Fantastic” look

Newt Scamander is one of the most beloved and one of the kindest characters in the Wizarding world. It will make a fantastic look if your guest chooses to dress as Newt. To nail the look, no one can miss the symbolic Newt’s scarf with yellow and grey stripes and his bowtie. Newt is also known for owning a magical suitcase with a Muggle Worthy lock, allowing him to hide his magical secrets while wandering around muggles.

Spookify your look

Okay, it’s Halloween. It’s completely normal if you want to look a bit more scary than usual. But here’s the good news - you don’t need to go nearly neckless to suit the theme, simply applying the suitable makeup will do the trick! 




Lavender Cheung

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