Harry Potter's villains

Characters in Harry Potter tend to make us feel quite strongly about their personalities: Ron is endearing albeit a bit clueless at times, Snape is intriguing for is undisguised and unexplained (till a certain moment) contempt of Harry and Dobby is … well Dobby is crazy but so adorable!

When it comes to villains, same story: we all tend to feel that some are pure evil and other just very odd characters like Argus Filch whose behaviors is somehow hard to read. The pure evil villains include our top three characters pick:


From The Mary Sue

Dolores Umbridge : the genteel-looking witch with a soft hissing voice is probably one of the most hated characters from the books. While everyone loves cats, her affection for them is disturbing ... Her decision to fire Professor Trelawney and her behavior to the centaur Bane and to Harry and his friends reflect how unkind and selfish she is. Later on as she becomes part of the Ministry she fully unveils her dark personality hidden all these pink-colored clothes ! And apparently the character was inspired by a real person according to J.K.Rowling !

Lucius Malfoy
From Harry Potter wiki

Lucius Malfoy : Draco’s father is undeniably not someone to joke around. His behavior to Dobby and to anyone he thinks is below him is overbearing and contemptuous at least. Like his son and wife, he thinks that Muggles are not worth much and he despises Arthur Weasley for being so interested in their world and inventions. He is also responsible for Ginny falling prey to Lord Voldemort/Tom Jedusor as he gives the young girl Jedusor’s notebook.  When Lord Voldemort is brought back to power with the help of Pettigrew, Lucius helps him and also brings his son into the realm of the Death Eaters.

Bellatrix Lestrange
From Pottermore

Bellatrix Lestrange : as one of Lord Voldermort most faithful supporter, Bellatrix Lestrange is ready to do anything to get him to acknowledge her and she is responsible for the deaths of many such as Sirius Black while she has scarred forever the Longbottoms with the Crucio spell. Her unflinching loyalty is frightening and reflects her contempt for human life and anything that she thinks is not suitable for a wizard such as marrying a Muggle to not agreeing with Lord Voldermort.


More villains in Nerdist’s article.

Cover picture from Uproxx

Lavender Cheung

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