A baby Niffler is coming !

Hurray a baby Niffler will appear in the next Fantastic beats, the crimes of Grindelwald movie! This can only mean more cute and hilarious scenes with Newt now running after more than one mischievous and greedy fluffy animal! Newt already got in trouble in New York after the Niffler purely decided to steal from every person it saw in the Big Apple. This led Newt to meet Tina who saw him chasing after the little thief who was creating a ruckus in a bank while pinching golden items. The baby fur is brown, white and black, just like for a kitten!

Baby Niffler

From The Leaky cauldron

This is good news for the fans as the Niffler was one of the favorite characters from the previous movie. Moreover, the upcoming movie has some rather tragic topics to deal with such as Newt and Leta Lestrange splitting up before he meets Tina so cuteness and skittishness can only help!

Niffler bag

Have the Niffler by your side all the time with our totebag !

Wonder how the Niffler parents will deal with their restless offspring! And if you're looking for more cuteness, check out our Pinterest Niffler board !

Read more in Entertainment weekly's article !

Cover picture from Bleeding cool

Lavender Cheung

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