How to go back to school with Harry Potter?

Summer is still here but holidays are coming to an end…. Don’t be too sad, you can easily throw some magic into this new fall term !

  • Get your things ready : to avoid rushing out to school on the first day, you can prepare and set aside what you’ll need on your first morning. Be like Hermione and think ahead, nothing can go wrong if you do ! 

Harry Potter back to school

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  • Pick out your outfit : there’s nothing so stressful as to realize your lucky shirt is dirty and hasn’t been in the washing machine yet.

Harry Potter uniform

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  • Customize :  everyone get forgetful because of all these things you have to remember : your classmates names, your new timetable… If you add a personal touch to your school things no chance you’ll forget or lose them !

Harry potter patches

  • Eat a healthy breakfast : tiredness comes upon you if your stomach is empty ! Be like Ron, Hermione and Harry who eat everyday to study how to use magic !

Harry Potter food

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  • Watch your favorite Harry Potter movie the night before to feel relaxed but don't go to bed too late :)

Harry Potter film

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More tips in Seventeen's article 

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