Transform your room into a Hogwarts dorm

Summer is here and for many of us that means cleaning, tidying and redecorating ! Your room reflects your personality and can help you relax after school or work when you come home after a long day so let's put some magic into it !

Here are a few tips to redecorate your room in a Hogwarts style:

Harry Potter home
From Home decoration ideas

- put stars on your ceiling : Harry and his friends go star gazing and so can you !

Harry Potter homeFrom Artistic Jeanius 

- you can put Hogwarts-themed linen, just select your House and get to sleep with your favorite characters !

Harry Potter home

-Hang banners to show to which House you belong, this way no one can be confused about your qualities :)

Harry Potter home

From Metro USA

- decorate with canisters and accessories such as an acceptance letter from Hogwarts 


Get more ideas from Metro USA's article and from our Pinterest boards !

Cover picture from Worship the fandom 

Lavender Cheung

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