Tips to nail your Harry Potter movie marathon

These days it's better to stay at home. We know that days can seem endless and boring. Christmas soap operas reruns and sudoku are good, but we've got something much better for you. Whether you are alone, with friends or family, we have found an activity that will keep you busy for a long time and can be practiced directly from your sofa. What more could anybody want?! 

Get ready for a Harry Potter movie marathon. Because watching “Harry Potter” is fine. But binge-watching the film series at once is better. We have tested it for you and here are a few (hopefully) handy tips to help you orchestrate the perfect binge-watch. 

Marathon Harry Potter Cinereplicas


First things first. A movie marathon is all about staying comfortable. Pyjamas and tracksuits are a must. But any cosy kind will do. If you are a true Harry Potter fan, put on your full uniform to be completely immersed in the universe. You can use your wizard robe as a blanket, pretty sure Professor Umbridge will disagree, but we won’t tell her. Don’t forget to put slippers and socks to keep your toes warm. Wear unmatching socks if like us you are a Dobby fan.  



Showcase your house pride and make yourself feel like living in the common room with some decoration. Hogwarts tends to go for a more candle-lit look rather than a full electricity mode. Close those curtains and turn down the light. If you have any fairy lights, you might want to set them up high above your head like the ceiling of the Great Hall at night. Put some candles as well, just make sure to extinguish them at the end of the marathon. 


Nowadays, most of us are in quarantine so our schedules are pretty empty. But it’ll be really unfortunate to be deranged by a food delivery. So before you completely immerse in the Wizarding World, be sure that your only engagement during movie-watching time is with Harry Potter and his friends. Switch off your phone, sit back and relax. 

19h36. That's the total length of the 8 "Harry Potter" movies. Almost twenty hours of film, therefore. You'll have to consider getting some sleep - yes, it's better for your health! The ideal: divide the film list in two, and do two ten-hour sessions, with one night in between. You will then finish your first day after "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", and return to "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". A coherent break, since this is when Voldemort makes his big comeback in the movies.


We’d recommend you to fix up your very own Hogwarts feasts so you’re getting enough to eat throughout days and nights. Make sure you get your five a day! In the previous days do a little "meal prep" and stock up on coffee. You don’t want to stop in the middle of a battle just because you’re craving for Mac&Cheese. Don’t forget some snacks. Popcorn is always a must-have. And chocolate will be a winner during Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban given all the dementors floating around. You can also cook some homemade Chocolate Frog or yummy Harry Potter cookies. Junk food is good but planned for some healthy food as well, because you’ll need energy to stay awake. 

Cookie cutter Harry Potter Chocolate Ice Cube Mold Harry Potter Chocolate frog Harry Potter Cake Mold Harry Potter 


We recommend the quintessentially British drink: tea!  It keeps you hydrated, alert and provides entertainment if you fancy some ad-hoc Divination with some tea leaves. Coffee will keep you awake if you tend to nod off. If you really want to Channel Hogwarts at home though, how about a homemade butterbeer?

Butterbeer Cinereplicas


Make sure you have some tissues close by for sad moments that’ll make you cry. You know those moments will be coming, so you might as well prep early. Remember to be mindful of spoilers. You might have seen the films before but your family and friends are watching the magical moments for the first time. Those among us who got the ending of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince spoiled for us back in the day are still smarting from the memories… 

Marathon Harry Potter Cinereplicas


Grab anything soft and cosy you can find and claim your place in front of the big screen. You’ll be here for a while! Unlike catching the Snitch, getting through a movie marathon shouldn’t be a race. It’s a marathon after all, not a sprint! Make sure you take regular breaks and stand up once in a while. One suggestion we have is to stand up every time Malfoy mentions his father - that should get you up off the sofa once, twice...a few times. 


It doesn’t matter how much you love the Harry Potter films, falling asleep is a risk during any movie marathon. We’ve come with an idea to keep you awake: a Harry Potter Bingo! It’ll keep your eyes open. The bingo contains 35 Harry Potter random facts. Every time you see one of these facts in the movie you have to cross the box. The player who completes all the bingo squares first, wins.

Click here to download the bingo.

Marathon Harry Potter


And lastly, have a wonderful wizarding time! 

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