DIY - Create your own Harry Potter Easter Eggs !

It's DIY day ! Bring your creativity and your tools, but don't worry, if we're able to do it, you will be as well.

Easter is coming. We will may not be able to celebrate with our all family due to the actual situation but staying home is also taking care of each other. On another hand, we have time now and a little bit of decoration will allow us to get a change of air. 

Easter, it's the bells, the rabbits, the tulips and other pastel-coloured flowers... but today we are interested in eggs ! There are everywhere now, in all shapes and colors. Whether it's lavender, pink or orange, whether it's a candle, a garland or simply a decoration on the table, we want them customized with Harry Potter.

We've tested a few designs for you and are able now to give you instructions so you can also put your egg decorating skills to the test. 

And if you want to follow the steps with a video, you sure can!

 You will need :

DIY Harry Potter easter eggs Cinereplicas

  • Plastic eggs (because the shell absorbs the toxicity of the paint and you can't eat the eggs that have been decorated).
  • Cardboard
  • Toothpicks 
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Nail polishes 
  • A plate and a glass that don't fear damage...
  • Our temporary tattoos and our stickers 

Before you start, hammer the toothpicks into the cardboard so it can hold your decorated but not yet dry eggs.


First style : the marbled eggs

  1. Pour water on a plate (cardboard or specific for painting as it could be soiled by the next steps)
  2. Put as many color of nail polish as you like in the water and create shapes with a toothpick
  3. Dip the egg in the water and nail polishes mixture and roll it so the colors catch on the entire shell
Let the eggs dry on the toothpicks you prepared earlier
DIY Harry Potter easter eggs Cinereplicas

Second style : painted eggs

  1. Paint what you want. You can choose to paint the eggs totally or partially
  2. Let the eggs dry on the toothpicks you prepared earlier. Nothing more

DIY Harry Potter easter eggs Cinereplicas DIY Harry Potter easter eggs Cinereplicas

The final touch 

Once the eggs bases are decorated and dry, you can move on to the finishing touches.

  1. Customize your eggs with tattoos that you can simply apply thanks to a wet cloth
  2. Choose the small Harry Potter characters stickers that will best match your eggs. 

DIY Harry Potter easter eggs Cinereplicas DIY Harry Potter easter eggs Cinereplicas


And admire your work ! 

harry potter easter eggs DIY cinereplicas

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