The essentials to survive your way to your vacation destination

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You woke up at 4am for a road trip but are still trapped in a traffic jam? You are taking the train and have 5 hours to kill with your family or friends? Your midnight flight is delayed and you are walking aimlessly from one duty-free shop to another?

We have all been there, having a bit of chaos at the beginning of our vacation.

Here’s an ultimate checklist we prepared for all Potterheads to minimize that little voice in your head that keeps asking “are we there yet?” throughout your trip and that your journey does not turn into a nightmare.



  1. Tag your baggages

After hours of flight, you are finally at the seaside, ready to get tanned with a cup of cocktail in hand. Everything seems fine, except your baggage is still on its way somewhere in the world! It’s unfortunately not some urban legend that will happen to the others only. Not everyone can reach Hogwarts Express’ impeccable service standard afterall.

Tagging one’s baggage might remind you of all the summer camps you went to where your mom labeled all your clothes. You might find it not glamorous enough, and even a bit childish. But trust us on this one - tagging your baggage could be a real vacation-saver. Huge bonus: you will recognize your baggage very easily even from far. Isn’t it the most classy?


You can find all our baggage tag collection here.


  1. Prepare your playlist

You are going on a road trip across the country? Say no more - we have some perfect playlists for you! Composed by John Williams, one of the best composers who has produced no fewer than 260 soundtracks, these titles accompanied Harry Potter’s adventures. Save the playlists and make them your adventure’s theme songs also.

Playlist 1 :

Playlist 2 :

Playlist 3 :


  1. Keep yourself entertained

True that our phone always managed to keep us occupied for a while nowadays. But after a while, we will reach the point of saturation, and by then we will have liked all the photos of cute kitties on social media. It would be painful just imagining how to spend the remaining 4 hours on the train.


Think about bringing games on board, for both adults as well as the younger ones.

While coloring is something super fun that the younger ones love, and especially something that would keep them occupied for a while, it is also something that some adults enjoy very much. 

Pride yourself to be a Harry Potter saga expert? Challenge your friends with a trivia and see who has a better Harry Potter knowledge. Download the trivia here (Don’t cheat 😉).

If you get a low score in the trivia, you know what to read during your vacation 😋

If you are not a huge fan of group activities, or if you are traveling solo, it’s the best moment to turn yourself to the classics. Pack one (or several) book of the saga in your bag, or (re)watch the movies from your laptop/ tablet. After all, even if we know the ending very well, we will always enjoy re-reading/ re-watching the saga!


  1. Get yourself equipped

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by plane, by train, or by car, at some point we always feel the chill. We all know the basis of survival: using a jacket as a blanket, or blocking the AC.

Let’s anticipate what will happen this time, and we’ll manage with whatever we have in hands! For those who are more sensitive to chills, get yourself prepared - lightweight scarf, scarf, sweater, long-sleeve t-shirt or even beanie… Well, we never know how much your airline or your train will push the AC 😉

               scarf harry potterscarf harry potterscarf harry potterscarf harry potter

You can find all our scarves here & light scarves here


If you are the kind of person who likes going shoeless for your own comfort, here are some rules that you want to respect. One, make sure that you are wearing your good pair of socks which do not have holes. Two, wear a stylish pair - it is not because we are losing our shoes that we are losing our style also.


Discover our stylish and magical socks here.


Have a nice vacation and enjoy your adventure! 

gif harry potter


Audray Bensoussan

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