Everything you need to know about Harry Potter : Wizards Unite game

Ready to join with other witches and wizards to battle dark forces, subdue magical beasts, save Harry Potter and his friends, brew potions and get to the bottom of the Calamity, an unexplained event scattering magical items across the Muggle? Excellent!

Before you start, these are 10 facts you need to know about the Wizards Unite game.

  1. The AR mobile game Harry Potter:Wizards Unite is a combined effort from WB Games San Francisco and Niantic under the Portkey Games label. Its pedigree shows.

  2. The mobile game is now available in 150 countries for Android and iPhone. If you want to know it is available in your country/ region, you can see the complete list here .

  3. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is developed by Niantic, just like Pokemon Go and Ingress. Players navigate in an interactive map to various locations, such as Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses for activities like replenishing energy, doing combats etc… Pretty dope.
    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  4. Your mission, as a member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, is to find out the objects, creatures, and other magical characters that disappeared, or were stolen; and are now turning the Muggle world upside down.
    You can find a complete list of the foundables here.
    complete list of the foundables
  5. You have a personal Ministry ID (name, select your Hogwarts house and wand). You can also create your portrait and customize your look. Be the wizard you have always wanted to be !
    Wizards Unite personal Ministry ID
  6. The map shows your actual real-life geographic location using your phone's GPS and is filled with items and locations you can interact with by touching your screen.

  7. The game offers a lot of features :
    Ingredients: for brewing potions
    Inns: where you collect food to replenish your spell energy
    Fortresses: which require a Runestone to enter and where you work with up to four other players to dispel magical creatures and Death Eaters.
    Potions: provide various functions; such as healing you during a battle. Once you've gathered enough ingredients, you can start brewing potions.
    Portkeys: you can travel to another location with it. To get a Portkey, look on the map for a triangular box -- it's call a Portkey Portmanteau -- click on it to collect it.
    Wizards UniteWizards Unite
    Wizards UniteWizards UniteWizards Unite
  8. Spells play a large role in the game.To cast one, follow the trace that appears on your screen with your finger. Be careful because you are rewarded for your tracing speed and accuracy ! You can practice on this website
    Wizards Unite Spell Practice
  9. You move up your levels by dismissing confoundables, doing challenges and completing tasks. When you hit level 6, you can choose a profession and train yourself to become an Auror, Magizoologist or Professor.
    Wizards UniteWizards UniteWizards Unite

  10. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is designed to play without paying or hitting microtransaction walls. You can, however, buy supplies by spending the gold you either earn from playing or by paying real cash.

Ready for a game ?

Source : www.cnet.com

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