Our 2020 releases!

Happy New Year 2021!

Now that we are starting a new year, it’s time to look back at 2020 and the many products released by Cinereplicas that really were the highlights of the past year. It has been great to see your interest and excitement over every new product launch! Why don’t we take a walk down memory lane?

Thursday 30th January

In the cold of January, we introduced our first major product of the year with the Gringotts Bank Chocolate Coin Mold. Still the latest addition to our bakeware collection up to this day, this chocolate mold is great to bring some of the Wizarding World to your kitchen and to enjoy some custom-made chocolate! Easy to use, it made a perfect family activity around the theme of Harry Potter.

gringotts coins


Monday 16th March

Our first two wand pens were announced: Harry Potter’s wand and the Elder Wand. We wanted to offer a product that was at the same time practical and truly unique. After much thought, we came up with the idea of wand pens, an all new product that is a great mix between stationery and collectibles. These first two wand pens were the first of many more to come.

wand pens

Thursday 9th April

How to fully live our love for cooking without aprons? With an apron for each of the Hogwarts houses, everyone can wear proudly their house colors! Big enough to protect you while cooking, it has a large front pocket to easily find whatever you are looking for. These aprons are very complementary to our other bakeware products in bringing even more Hogwarts elements to your kitchen.


Thursday 30th June

We welcomed a new long-awaited category at Cinereplicas: jewellery! We always wanted to add products that could be worn with our iconic Hogwarts student costumes, but also easily match your everyday wear. Starting with two pieces in our new Jewellery Collection, the chokers and the charm bracelet arrived at the same time for the summer and gave a good glimpse at what is to come in this collection.



Tuesday 14th July

The launch of the first 2 wand pens was such a success, we had to add another one! Hermione’s wand pen made its entrance to join Harry’s and Dumbledore’s. So recognizable with its special design, it cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s wand pen other than Hermione Granger’s. A true practical and unique collectible, Hermione’s wand pen shook our summer and almost made us miss homework! 

wand pen hermione


Wednesday 19th August 

Mid-August saw the release of another brand new collection that we love and are immensely proud of.  Gomee Serie 1 included our favorite characters Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid and an adorable Chocolate Frog. Great to collect or to use in a stationery set, these eraser figurines were received with such enthusiasm from fans of all age that could not resist how cute these Gomee are.



Friday 18th September

Our 2020 edition of the Advent Calendar was released after much anticipation and was met with great success. You were as excited as we were about it, especially knowing most products inside were special edition items and developed only for this Advent Calendar. With the Advent Calendar ready, the only left to do was to patiently wait together for Christmas Day.

advent calendar 2020


Friday 23rd October

The last major release of the year was a great replica and collectible, as well as a wearable jewellery piece. Fitting in so many categories, we were extremely happy to introduce you to our Time Turner! We took our time to carefully develop this product, as we really pushed for quality and wanted many little details to be included in the Time Turner. Last release, but not least!

time turner


We know that 2021 will also have its share of amazing releases and new products that will certainly please you, your friends and family as well as all the Harry Potter fans! We deeply value your opinion and always listen to your feedback, so feel free to leave in the comments any product that you loved in 2020 or are looking forward to discovering in 2021.

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