Harry Potter's missing characters

Some characters were never really mentioned or just merely introduced throughout the movies so let's see who they are and what their roles were !

-Winky the Elf : servant attached to the Crouch family, she's a motive of Hermione's decision to fight for elves being better treated and respected by wizards. In the movies however she doesn't really get to be mentioned often and thus her role is significantly reduced. 

Harry Potter characters

Barthemius Crouchm from Harry Potter wikiu

- The Gaunt family : if you recall the books, Marvolo, Merope and her brother Morfin are crucial characters to understand Lord Voldermort. However in the films their story is hardly mentioned when it's in fact decisive to the fates of many, above all Harry Potter.

Harry Potter characters

Tom Riddle, from Harry Potter wiki

- Augusta Longbottom : Neville's formidable and somewhat frightening grandmother. Although Neville is often afraid he'll disappoint her as his parents were so famous in their days. Despite her being a bit rough on her grandson, Augusta loved and raised him and we're sad we didn't get to see more of her in the movies !

Harry Potter characters

From Factinate

More characters here : http://whatculture.com/film/10-great-harry-potter-characters-that-we-never-got-to-see-on-screen 

Cover picture from Allthetests

Lavender Cheung

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