Had you noticed …. ?

While we may have watched the movies countless times, it can be hard to spot some details unless you pause at the right moment ! So here are some of the movies details eagle-eyed fans have noticed…

Newt Scamander
From Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

-Newt Scamander was already on the Marauder’s map ! In The Prisoner of Azkaban Net’s name can be spotted ! Maybe he was already running after the Niffler and Pickett?

Chamber of secrets
From Reddit 

- Gilderoy Lockhart wears a wig : in the Chamber of secrets film his second wig can be seen on his desk. That explain his perfect hairstyle for sure !

Privet Drive
From Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

-In the Dursleys’ neighborhood cars are pretty much alike, all of Privet Drive seems to have bought the same single model. The only difference is the car color but that tells us how much they want to conform, let alone have a wizard for a nephew !

More funny details in Buzzfeed's article !

Cover picture from Elite Daily 

Lavender Cheung

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