Getting to know Ron Weasley

 As we got to read and see more about Ron, it seems obvious that he and Harry are best friend, the more so that Ron’s family practically takes in Harry as their 6 son in their happy and loving home. And yet Ron is often overlooked and doesn’t get his fair share of attention while having many qualities and a few mysteries about him.

Ron Patronus

From Harry Potter wikia 

  • His patronus is Jack Russell terrier a cute and adorable dog! However, Ron never had any other pet beside Scabber and owls so why a dog ? Also he’s scared of the mythic Grim dog !

Ron Weasley

From Buzzfeed

  • Why is he not endowed with a specific magic ability ? Harry is a remarkable wizard able to cast difficult spells from a relatively young age, Hermione is simply the brightest of them all but where does Ron stand there ? He has showed tactical abilities when playing chess in the first book and he also excels at Quidditch so why is he not using these when fighting Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters?

Yule Ball

From Fanpop

  • His behavior towards Hermione is at the very least odd during the Yule ball as he acts up in a fit of jealousy and leaves the party enraged and saddened. One can say it’s linked to his lacking self-confidence, something obvious ever since his first moments in the books. Despite his obvious qualities and Hermione’s support it seems he has yet to feel confident…

More in Screenrant's article !

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