Cinereplicas 13th anniversary - Harry Potter Wallpaper

Cinereplicas has just turned 13!

While we are proud to have brought magic from the Harry Potter universe to your lives throughout the past years, it is also thanks to your support that we’ve got where we are now.

Harry Potter wallpaper

To thank you all – witches, wizards and muggles - for having stayed magical with us, we’d like to offer you some magic that you can bring EVERYWHERE: Harry Potter wallpapers for your phone!

Download wallpaper

You might notice that the animated wallpaper is actually in a video format. Once you have it on your phone, all that’s left is to convert the video into live photo. Just like photos in the Harry Potter movies, live photo is an animated photo where objects move.

Don’t worry, it’s way easier than making a Felix Felicis potion. Follow the tutorial below and you will get there


  1. Download the video from our Facebook or Instagram page
  2. Download one of the converter apps (iOS / Android)*
    Our team used intoLive on iOS and Video Live Wallpaper on Android, but you can use other apps available that will work just fine.
  3. Follow the instructions of the app and convert the video
  4. Select your live photo as your wallpaper

*To look for other options, we used “Video Live Wallpaper” as search term on Google Play and live photo on iTunes store. Please note that Cinereplicas is not associated with these apps on the app stores.

Lavender Cheung

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