Checklist for the cozy autumn season: Harry Potter inspired

Each season has its own lure to them, but in our opinion the autumn season has got to be the most charming and aesthetically pleasing of them all.  With the temperature gradually cooling, leaves falling off trees, shorter duration of daylight and festivities fast approaching, autumn brings with it the coziest and warmest aesthetic we’ve all been waiting for! 

Let’s explore our autumn checklists that we recommend for you to do this season! 

Harry Potter Movie Marathon 

To transition and help you get into a full-blown autumn mood, we highly recommend you to enjoy all simple pleasures that will give you the stillness and warmth of this season. A simple autumn pleasure that we would definitely be doing would be to revisit Hogwarts through a movie marathon of all the eight films of the Harry Potter movie saga. Obviously, we are big fans of the saga so you would expect for us to watch it every single season, but during autumn we tend to take our movie marathon up a notch by creating the coziest atmosphere to match that in the film. 



Autumn Room Refresh

The start of a new season is always a good excuse to redecorate your personal space. For autumn, warm lights, cozy sheets, wood accents, dried leaves, and autumn scented candles are great items to incorporate in any room. For Harry Potter fans, why not include some objects from the movie to highlight the autumn season? The movie is very fitting for the season due to its warm and mysterious atmosphere. Opt for some small lighting fixtures and neutral colored curtains for a magical look. We also suggest throwing in items like wall banners and pennant flags to highlight the house you belong to. Of course, our Nimbus 2000 would be an eye-catching item to have displayed as it would tie in the entire Harry Potter theme. 


Cooking and baking

As the temperature drops, being in the kitchen just becomes 10x more fun and enjoyable. We always look forward to the scent of food or dessert cooking most specially during the colder season. You will find that we’re constantly in the kitchen baking our favorite cupcakes and cookies and creating our very own Chocolate Coins. We use the cookie cutters to create cookies that look like the characters from the saga and make our own chocolate galleons, knuts and sickles using our Gringotts chocolate coin molds for the added Harry Potter effect. 


Wardrobe Refresh

Finally, time to give your wardrobe a fun refresh! As the temperature gets colder, layering is always the way to go. The basic rule is to look for something light to wear but that will give you the most comfort and warmth. We absolutely recommend our House Sweaters or even our Quidditch Sweaters as they are made of the most heavenly soft and light material that will keep you both warm and snug. 


There you have it, our autumn checklist including all the simple pleasures that we love to do during this cozy transitional season of the year. 

Hong Kong Team

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