A shopping checklist for Back to School 2022

With school fast approaching, you may think it easy or obvious which supplies you would be needing. However, based on experience we know back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming due to the endless options provided. So, we decided to round up a list of essential supplies that would help you stay organized and prepared for the upcoming academic year. 

For starters, you would need a stationery set that provides a basic set of supplies you would need for the school year. Look into our Hogwarts stationery sets and begin to step up your stationery game. Comprising a notebook, pencil, erasers, stickers, ruler, and pouch, our stationery sets will set you up to a good start. 


Of course, there’s no such thing as having too many notebooks. It's always a great idea to keep extra notebooks with you to keep your notes organized. Graphic notebooks are a great way to add character and style to your supplies of stationery. With our Hogwarts Houses notebooks you can showcase your house pride at school. We also recently released 6 new graphic notebooks inspired by the Fantastic Beasts The Secret Of Dumbledore movie, which can be worthy to be included in your back-to-school shopping list. We think the smell and feel of fresh notebooks helps in setting up the right mood for the new school year.

With paper comes an obvious writing partner for note-taking - pens. Having a great pen to write with is often overlooked, however we know that it is an important part of a smooth and productive study session. We suggest you add a selection of our wand pens to your collection to show your love for the Wizarding World and bring style to your study sessions.

Finally, to carry all your above essentials with you, a bag is an obvious part of the list. Obviously, backpacks are most suitable for the younger students. However, for high school or college students, a tote bag would be most accessible and easy to carry around. Discover our assortment of Harry Potter tote bags to choose from and walk around your campus showing your house pride.


Going back to school can often feel stressful and not exciting, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to have a checklist of things to prepare and plan prior to embarking on the next school year to feel motivated, confident, and calm. 

Hong Kong Team

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