How is the Newt Scamander suitcase replica made?

Designed from the official Warner Bros archive in our French atelier, Cinereplicas’ Newt Scamander’s suitcase is an exact replica from what you can see in the Fantastic Beasts movies. The secret behind  it ? Slide the lock and discover the fantastic beasts hidden in the Muggle-worthy layer !
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5 essentials for this Halloween

Find out the 5 most essential items you  will need to have a perfect, magical Halloween
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Harry Potter-themed high school dance !

When high school students take up dancing, the result is magical !
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Harry Potter Halloween yummy apple lollies recipe !

Bake delicious white chocolate apple lollies !
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Fantastic beasts the final trailer : what did we learn ?

The final trailer is out ! here's what we learned from it !
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Christmas dinner at Hogwarts !

Who's in for an enchanted Christmas dinner ?
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London gets giant wands !

Giant wands take over in London !
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Gilderoy Lockhart is not a Death Eather !

All of you remember the charming yet silly teacher for Defense against Dark Arts : he was beyond contest the most vain professor that Hogwarts ever welcomed. Only Hermione and Mrs Weasley seemed to find him some redeeming qualities and were the only ones defending him while the Harry and the rest of the Weasley family thought him incompetent and unable to teach while occupying this important role he had to fill in the wizardry school.
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Magical giveaway with the Leaky Cauldron

Get ready for a magical giveaway !
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Underrated Harry Potter characters ?

Any underrated character you miss ?
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