Harry Potter Wizard Unite: first preview

What is Wizard Unite?

Taking place in modern day after the events of the Harry Potter books/films, players will investigate the mystery of this Calamity — and yes, Niantic and WB actually have a plan to tell the story of why this bizarre event is transpiring.

Auror, Magizoologist or Professor?

Wizard Unite porfession Harry Potter

Wizards Unite also allows players to choose one of three professions — Auror (attack), Magizoologist (support), and Professor (all-around). Each comes with their own skill tree filled with dozens of skills to choose from and outfit your wizard or witch with stat bonuses to accuracy, power, and more.


Wizard Unite Portkeys Harry Potter

Portkeys can only be activated after walking a certain distance with Wizards Unite. After doing so, you can place the Portkey — a boot, much like the one used in Goblet of Fire, for my demo — in the physical space around you via the game’s AR.

Once placed down, you can physically walk to that point and step into a new location, one plucked from the many famous locales of the wizarding world.

Source: IGN & Numerama
Lavender Cheung

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