Underrated Harry Potter characters ?

J.K Rowling magical world has given us so many fascinating characters among them Harry, Ron, Hermione but also Prof Snape and Aunt Petunia! But then their true colors might not always appear at first and some little extra digging is necessary to see who they are and how important they are.

So who are these characters that might have been underrated? We picked up 3 women for our list !

 Harry Potter characters

From Harry Potter wiki

Professor Trelawney

The divination teacher, beautifully played by Emma Thompson, is definitely one not to be forgotten! Albeit not always very reliable when it comes to foreseeing she still is a very powerful seer. While she doesn’t see very understanding of Hermione when she quits her class, she has some kindness in her, and even Professor McGonagall is touched by her tears when Professor (sorry Headmistress) Umbridge tries to fire her from Hogwarts.

 Harry Potter wiki

From Harry Potter wiki

Narcissa Malfoy

First described by Harry as a beautiful woman sneering as if she smelled something bad, she is a fierce and loving to Draco. While she is a staunch supporter of Pure blood ideas, she eventually shows some redeeming affection for Harry when he is her last resort to save her son. Her sister Bellatrix is definitely the scary sibling while she is somehow more complex and more nuanced as a character.

 Harry Potter characters

From Pottermore

Fleur Delacour

The beautiful French witch is at first very much disliked by her in-laws, especially Ginny and Mrs. Weasley who take an early dislike to her. Yet after Bill is attacked and scarred by Fenrir Greyback, she shows praiseworthy determination and love for her husband to be, thus winning her in-laws admiration and respect. She and Bill also welcome Harry and his friends while they are on the run and they take care of the wounded goblin Griphook.

More in Time’s article!


Cover picture from Mugglenet

Lavender Cheung

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