The Straw Hat Pirate Is Coming in a Tote Bag

Thanks to our partnership with Netflix, Cinereplicas has been able to curate a line of One Piece tote bags. Come and check the tote bag tides with the One Piece crew. For you who are die-hard fans of the One Piece live action, show your love through these epic tote bags!

Stylish and practical, these tote bags are here to accompany you throughout your day. It comes in four different designs with comical and fun illustrations. Experience a variety of unique styles of Luffy's playful expressions, pop Jolly Roger illustrations, and One Piece maps that are sure to brighten up your day.



Wanted Luffy

Inspired by the discoloured Wanted Luffy poster, we transformed it into a stylish tote bag. His amusing expression reveals his liveliness, and the vibrant colour reflects his upbeat nature. It also has a large interior compartment that can hold your map, water bottles, clothes, and devices, providing you with enough space.


Contrast with the Wanted Luffy colour, which is mainly bright, the Luffy variant is darker with navy blue as a background. Luffy’s red costume, complete with his iconic punch, will decorate the front side of the tote bag, while his Jolly Roger will appear on the back. Use it for your everyday looks.

One Piece

The neon illustration of a cheerful Roger emerges as a beacon of vibrant expression on this tote bag. It features a modern and cartoonish appearance that will not bore users. This Jolly Roger exudes youth, fun, and playfulness. Not to mention the pink neon background, which adds to the overall vibrancy.


The map pattern served as inspiration for the tote bag, which extended all the way to the strap. Its vintage colour and uniqueness are like deploying a wave in the ocean with the dash lines. Different from the other variants, this map pattern has a more general design that will appeal to anyone looking for a retro look.

Hong Kong Team

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