Quoting Harry Potter

What have we learned from Harry Potter? There's no better way to find out than by quoting from the books and the movies !

Here are three you might use in your everyday life 

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''Er- shalI make a cup of tea?'. Imitating his caring and loving mother, Ron takes abash Hermione and Harry by offering to make some tea to confort Hagrid. Tea is always good when you feel down so that you can drink it while watching once more your favorite Harry Potter film with your friend. Or you can use it as a joke when saying something unexpected in a conversation !

Harry Potter quotes

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"One can never have enough socks" indeed Dumbledore does have a point here ! It's always better to have many of them for the pairs always get separated and then when you're in a hurry you cannot find the matching ones! This also applies to our favorite Elf Dobby!

Harry Potter quotes

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'When in doubt go to the library'. Hermione's wisdom is unparalleled and her advice is excellent: when doubt about Harry Potter one should always check the books!

More quotes here in Fansided's article

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