Christmas gifting idea

Christmas is just around the corner. If you are, like other wizarding fellows, looking for different gifting ideas, this gifting guide is made for you.

Go big or go home

Newt suitcase Fantastic Beasts Quidditch robe Wizarding robe Harry Potter

For those who are planning to indulge your loved ones this winter. The trending Newt's suitcase replica, traditional wizarding robes, personalized Quidditch robes, matching with our deluxe scarves... Make your loved ones feel spoiled

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Not breaking into the Gringotts

Harry Potter slippers Harry Potter Slytherin Student Hat Harry Potter birthday set Kawaii Harry Potter scarves

Not entirely ready to break into the Gringotts, but still looking for something magical enough for your loved ones? Here're some of the magical items that we have hand-picked for you. 

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Gifting the little ones

Harry Potter Gryffindor robe kids Harry Potter cookie cutters Harry Potter hair acessories Harry Potter Chocolate Frog mold

Gifting the little ones could be tricky. Check out our kids collection and gift them with some Harry Potter magic. 

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Christmas promotion

For 12 consecutive days starting from 1 December, Cinereplicas will be preparing Christmas with you with 12 different deals of the day. It could be a giveaway competition, or interesting savings... 

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