Harry Potter Gifting Guide for 5 types of moms this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is approaching. Cinereplicas has hand-picked 5 Harry Potter gifts that would suit different types of moms. No one knows your mom better than you do. Gift your mom what suits her the best.

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Trendy mom

Harry Potter Mother's Day gift

Your mom is the kind of person who mixes and matches her outfits every day and seems to understand the fashion trend better than you.

She will love these lightweight scarves and come up with 10 more new ways to wear them. 

Get mom a lightweight scarf here >

Foodie mom

Harry Potter Mother's Day gift

If your mom is a real foodie, she would definitely love the idea of you baking her cupcakes in these magical Harry Potter baking cups. If you are unsure which recipe to use, click here for our favorite one

Get the Harry Potter baking cups and bake for mom >

Mom the explorer

Harry Potter Mother's Day gift

Your mom cannot sit still and loves exploring the world? Help her make her travels more magical and special.

If you know which Hogwarts house your mom's in, get it for her to make your gift more personal.

Add magic to mom's travels >

Magically handy mom

Harry Potter Mother's Day gift

If your mom has the magical power of fix all your clothing items with her needles, gift her these patches so that she will can do magic to her own clothing also.

Get mom some patches >

Know-it-all mom

Harry Potter Mother's Day gift

You find your mom as smart and bright as Hermione? She would appreciate if you let her know. Show her how much you love and respect her by offering her this Hermione Quidditch fan T-shirt.

Get mom a Hermione T-shirt >

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