Fuel Your Day With Our New Stranger Things Water Bottle Series!

Check out our latest addition to the Stranger Things collection: water bottles! This item is a must-have for any fan, combining beloved aspects of the series in a compelling design that is both functional and stylish enough for daily usage.

Hellfire Club

Similar to the Stranger Things theme, the Hellfire Club, Christmas Lights, and Starcourt Eleven have a red, black, and white color palette. With a design reminiscent of the Hellfire Club logo, this secret society brings an element of mystique and scariness to the bottle, even through its logo. Be a Hellfire Club member by owning this water bottle.

Christmas Lights

We also have the decorative Christmas lights that become an iconic symbol of Stranger Things. It showcases their unwavering commitment to reconnect, even in the most extraordinary situations. The lights come in a vibrant color, adding a pop of color to the water bottle with its red lid and white background.

Starcourt Eleven

In addition, the Starcourt Eleven water bottle depicts Eleven's dress during her visit to the Starcourt Mall, featuring the iconic pattern in a nostalgic retro design. The black lid adds a touch of vintage and enhances the unique pattern.

Max Mayfield

Not only 3, we have 4 more water bottles to explore. Similar to the portrayal of Max as a strong-willed girl, the water bottle features a bold design showcasing Max in a dynamic red sketch against a vibrant yellow backdrop.


However, if you are more interested in the vibrant pop colors, this Bitchin water bottle showcases a striking and attention-grabbing design with their iconic pose in lively colors. With half of the water bottle in pink and half in blue, in addition to the purple lid, this water bottle is perfect for a gift to your loved ones.


The Upside Down world introduced an ethereal creature that was just as astonishing as the other characters, the Demogorgon. This artwork captures its thrill and intimidation in a distinct brown-reddish shade, reminiscing about the dark reflection of the other world.

Upside Down

Also, we have the Upside Down water bottle, which shows the contrasting nature of the two worlds: the regular world was depicted in a calming blue hue, while the distorted world was portrayed in a red shade with a gradient in the center. You'll be absolutely mesmerized by its thrilling and captivating design.


The Stranger Things water bottles are more than just containers for your favorite beverages. They’re a getaway to adventure, nostalgia, and the memorabilia of the series. With their unique designs and durable construction, they will not fail to accompany you wherever you go. So, grab your bottle, take a sip, and step into the world of Stranger Things with every drink you take.

Hong Kong Team

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