Fashion wizarding week - Timeless Little Black Dress

Fashion week little black dress

In the world of fashion, a little black dress is one of the most everlasting and timeless items. It is perfect for almost all occasions - school, work, a night-out etc….

Almost all girls have a little black dress in their wardrobe. In a crowd with girls in black dress, here’s how you can stand out and stay magical :)

 Fashion wizarding week - Timeless Little Black Dress

Personalize your little black dress with the emblem of your own Hogwarts house (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin), and match it with a cool, stylish lightweight scarf.

If you’d like to set your own hair, don’t forget to check out the hair accessories sets that will definitely give your house pride a nice highlight.

Lavender Cheung


Lavender Cheung

How do I order a slytherin one?

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