Fantastic beasts, a sneak peek!

Ever since the latest trailer was released the curiosity over the actual creatures has increased a lot because after all they will definitely be a big part of the upcoming movie! After all, it was not for the Niffler misbehaving Newt and Tina might have never met!

Niffler Fantastic beasts

The cute Niffler family, from Pottermore 


Eddie Redmayne who plays the British magizoologist explained that his favorite returning creatures is definitely endearing Pickett which accompanies him everywhere he goes in his pocket. The Kelpie, the Scottish creature best known as Nessie in the Loch Ness, is also fascinating according to him! And also the fierce and dangerous-looking Zouwu is a creature that will surely receive a lot of attention after we all saw how huge it is in the trailers!


More in Comicbook’s article !


Cover picture from CNet

Audray Bensoussan

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