DIY Quidditch game

Quidditch season can be intense. One of the tips we can give to become a good Quidditch player is that, practice makes perfect.

True that we don’t have big Quidditch field at home, but as long as we manage to have our Quidditch goals set down, practicing Quidditch would not be impossible at home. It requires nothing more than good craftsmanship and imagination.

Here are the things you need to (re)build the goals. 

  • pencil
  • cutter
  • ruler
  • hot glue
  • spray (we used a fancy gold one)
  • 2 bowls for perfect round-shaped hoops
  • foam board
  • 3 bottles (water, beer, soda…. Pick one at your convenience)
  1. DIY Quidditch gameStart with creating your hoops. Put your foam board on a flat surface and place a bowl on top. Draw a circle around the bowl with a pencil to have the perfect circle. Repeat the same twice with a smaller bowl for the hoops on the two ends.
  2. DIY Quidditch gameCut out your hoops carefully with the help of a cutter. Ask an adult for help if you are an underaged wizard. Once you have the circles cut out, draw another circle around 1.5 to 2 cm inwards and cut out the new, smaller circle. You should then have your 3 hoops ready.
  3. DIY Quidditch gameWhile bigger Quidditch goals for a backyard can be made with dowel rods, you can simply create one with your foam board for smaller hoops for younger kids or for indoors use. Just verify that the width fits the opening of the bottle ;)
  4. DIY Quidditch gameUse hot glue to assemble your hoop to its rod. Place your Quidditch goals into the bottles and spray them with golden spray.
  5. DIY Quidditch gamePlace them on any stable surface and you are ready to go on practicing Quidditch



If you want to feel more of the Quidditch ambiance, you can get a Quidditch robe for yourself here.

Lavender Cheung

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