Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs Step by Step Recipe

1. Recipe

Creating Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs is fun and easy. Here’s one of our favorite recipes. Perfect for parties or any festive occasions.

You are of course very welcome to inspire us with yours and we will be happy to share it with our community. Simply write us via Facebook, or share your Chocolate Frogs on social media channels with #CRChocolateFrogs


Ingredients Chocolate Frogs

  • 200g of chocolate (it can be dark, milk or white chocolate, whichever you fancy)
  • Some grains if you feel like adding a bit of texture to your Chocolate Frogs (optional)

We tried cereal, crushed almonds and chocolate chips and they all worked well.

Everything with chocolate is just good after all.


  1. Make sure your mold is clean, 100% dry and is not dusty or scratched. This step might seem obvious, but it is so important that we prefer including it so that no one misses it.

  2. Put your chocolate in a bowl. Microwave on for 30 seconds, then stir. Do it again. Repeat the process until the chocolate is well mixed. Avoid overcooking your chocolate – if the chocolate starts to bubble, it means it’s too hot.
    If you do not have a microwave at home, you can melt your chocolate in a double boiler, stir until the chocolate is well mixed. Be careful not to let any water gets into the chocolate or the mold if you are using this method.
  1. Harry Potter Chocolate Frog stepOnce your chocolate is completely melted, put the grains into the mold and pour the chocolate into the mold on top of it. You can make the process easier by spooning the mixture into the cavities, or with a squeeze bottle.
    Alternatively, you can also incorporate the grains directly into your molten chocolate if you are looking for changing the texture of your whole Chocolate Frog.  
  1. Harry Potter Chocolate Frog mold stepOnce the cavities are filled, scrape off any excess chocolate into a clean bowl with your palette knife or spatula. Hold both sides of the mold and tap it gently to avoid air bubbles.


  1. Now you are ready to put your Chocolate Frogs into the fridge. Leave them in for around 10 minutes.
    You will want to keep track of time – because by leaving them too long in the fridge, you risk to sweat or crack your Chocolate Frogs when brought to room temperature.
    1. Remove mold from the fridge and peek underneath to see if mold has released yet. If so, turn the mold over gently to loosen chocolate pieces. If pieces do not easily release, wait for 5 more minutes until they reach room temperature before packaging.

    2. Cut out the box, fold and assemble with double tape while waiting for the chocolate to set.
    3. Place the Chocolate Frogs in the boxes and you are good to go

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frog mold

    2. Video tutorial

    3. Paper box & instruction download

    Running out of paper boxes? Lost your instruction? Don't worry - we've got you covered

    Click here to download DIY paper box here

    Click here to download the instruction here

    Lavender Cheung

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