Carry the Spirit of Stranger Things With Our New Tote Bags

Thanks to our partnership with Netflix, Cinereplicas has been able to curate a line of Stranger Things tote bags. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to Hawkins, discover your perfect tote bag and embrace your love for the show. Stay stylish and watch out for new releases as our Stranger Things collection grows.

Dustin & Max 

Relive the magic of the 80s with our Dustin Henderson and Max Mayfield tote bags. Each bag features an 80’s style yearbook photo, adorned with playful doodles that capture each character’s personalities. These tote bags embrace the retro charm of the 80’s with the vibrant hues that evoke a sense of nostalgia, and serve as the perfect way to show your appreciation for these beloved characters.

Eleven VS. Waffle Gorgon 

Featuring artwork of Eleven in her iconic hospital gown and shaved head from Season 1, this tote bag transports you to the early days of the series while playfully acknowledging Eleven’s affinity for waffles. Lightweight and practical, it's an ideal companion for everyday use, whether at school, work, or any other day-to-day activity.

Stranger Things & Friends Don’t Lie 

Celebrate the power of friendships with our Stranger Things and "Friends Don't Lie" tote bags. This timeless all-black classic features graphics of Eleven, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin walking along the bottom. Whilst our “Friends Don’t Lie” tote bag showcases individual illustrations of Mike, Will, Max, Eleven, Dustin, and Lucas, with the memorable words  “Friends Don’t Lie” displayed on the other side.

Whether you prefer a timeless and classic design or one with vibrant illustrations, both totes embody the theme of Stranger Things and the importance of genuine friendship. 

Hawkins Tigers & Hellfire Club 

Whether you're a dedicated Stranger Things fan or simply appreciate the spirit of Hawkins High School, this tote bag allows you to showcase your pride and support for the legendary Tigers. With its spacious interior, it becomes an ideal companion for your everyday needs, offering ample room to carry essentials such as books, groceries, or even your gym gear.

Proudly carry their symbol of rebellion and resilience with our Hellfire Club tote bag. Prominently displayed on one side of the bag, the club’s logo is bound to  turn heads and ignite curiosity. It's the perfect accessory for any devoted Stranger Things fan, as it carries an air of mystery and rebellion.


Our collection of Stranger Things-inspired tote bags allows you to showcase your love for the series while adding style and nostalgia to your daily adventures. Whether you're reliving the 80s, celebrating friendships, embracing Hawkins history, or embodying the intrigue of the Hellfire Club, there's a tote bag that suits your unique fandom and personality.

Hong Kong Team

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