10 jobs that exist only in Harry Potter

Once you graduate from Hogwarts with your N.E.W.T.s. in hands, it’s finally time for you to join the workforce. The labor market of the wizarding world offers numerous possibilities. To make sure you don’t miss your dream job, here are 10 jobs that exist only in the wizarding world.

Quidditch player

Quidditch Harry Potter

If you’re a sporty person, having no problems with height, and know perfectly how to use a flying broom, this job is made for you. Being the most popular sport in the Harry Potter universe, Quidditch attracts enthusiastic fans and crowds. It doesn’t matter if you are a Chaser, a Keeper, a Seeker, or Beater, being a Quidditch player requires not only extensive mastery of broom, but also the ability to stay cool and calm during the stressful matches. This job requires a lot of flexibility regarding your time schedule as Quidditch matches can last for months sometimes!

Knight Bus driver

Knight bus Harry Potter
To enjoy the privilege of driving the transport that “assists stranded individuals of the wizarding community”, you need to not only a driving wheel, but also an excellent eyesight. The job can be quite demanding as you will be working day and night.



Obliviator harry potter

Your main job duty will be to help ensure that the Wizarding World is safely concealed from the non-magical community. As an Oblivator, you will be using Memory Charms to modify and/or erase the recollection of magical phenomena by the non-wizarding community. Don’t underestimate the difficulty you will be facing especially when you have teenage wizards driving a flying car across London… Questionable ethics, maybe, but for sure you will have loads of stories to tell your friends.

Wand maker

wandmaker harry potter

Those with wandmaking ambitions will no doubt be hampered by the monopoly that existing wandmakers have in the industry. This field requires an excellent mastery in preparing the wood. Each wand has its own feeling depending on its composition. As a wand channels a witch or wizard’s power and abilities, very often, it’s the wand that chooses the wizard but not the other way around. Even if you are interested in developing your career in wandmaking, the opportunities available can be very little as the knowledge is passed on solely within the same family.


curse breaker harry potter

Banking seems a more exciting career option for witches and wizards than it is in the Muggle world: “Are you seeking a challenging career involving travel, adventure, and substantial, danger-related treasure bonuses? Then consider a position with Gringotts Wizarding Bank, who are currently recruiting Curse-Breakers for thrilling opportunities abroad." A Curse-Breaker removes, counters or breaks curses placed on objects or places for a living. Apart from working for the Gringotts, curse-Breakers could also work for the Ministry of Magic, removing curses, hexes and jinxes from illegally bewitched objects.


Healer harry potter

Though some might consider a Healer as an equivalence of muggle doctors, magical injuries and illnesses can be a lot more complicated than those sustained by Muggles, so to be a Healer is a big job, especially in a world full of dragons. Aside from that, other magical ailments include artefact accidents, Dementor attacks, creature-induced injuries, magical bugs, potion and plant poisoning, and spell damage. Sadly, not all of those things can be cured with a massive slab of chocolate.


unspeakable harry potter

Little is known about their workplace, and even less is known about their jobs. Employees of the Department of Mysteries are forbidden from discussing their jobs or disclosing any information about their department, hence the name "Unspeakable." It’s hard to describe what a “typical day” of an Unspeakable is like - rumors circulate, but impossible to tell which is true or false.



The study of magical creatures may seem fascinating to lots of young witches and wizards, you will not automatically become a Magizoologist by reading Newt Scamander’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You will need a lot of patience to develop a relationship with these creatures. 

Dragon keeper

dragon harry potter

Taking care of an inoffensive reptile is one thing, but taking care of a dragon is another. Being a Dragon Keeper might be one of the most hardcore-sounding jobs: hanging out with dragons. There are numerous kinds of dragons existing, living in almost everywhere in the world. Si you wish to start a career in this field, we would suggest you completing an apprenticeship in the biggest dragon reserve in the world - after all, what can be better than combining both theoretical and practical sides together to acquire all the skills you need for the position. This job is definitely a big no for the hotheads. You also want to make sure you stay calm under all circumstances. Just one last reminder: dragon breeding is strictly forbidden by the International Confederation of Wizards.


Auror Harry Potter

Numerous students dream of becoming an Auror, being part of an elite department under the Ministry of Magic. These elites will be responsible for tracing down the Dark Magic in the wizarding world. An Auror’s job includes ensuring the respect of law as well as the protection of the wizarding communities against different threads of exposing the wizarding world. This position requires you to take up high responsibilities. Be prepared to follow long and intensive training, to which only few are qualified. It would be even better if you have a fit physical condition and a courage of not fearing of putting yourself in dangerous situations. 

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