Harry Potter Advent Calendars 2022 from Cinereplicas

Counting down to Christmas with an Advent calendar is always a great idea. We’re all about indulging in gifts, especially during the run up to Christmas. 

With the success of our 2021 Harry Potter Advent Calendar, we have decided to release 2 Harry Potter Advent Calendars in 2022 to reach a wider audience. Both our 2022 Classic and Deluxe Advent Calendars contain 24 windows and 24 gifts that will accompany you to countdown to Christmas. Discerning Harry Potter fans are in for a treat with our superb advent calendar offerings this 2022. Check out this blog to learn more about them. 


Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 | $34.95

Slow down and take some time for yourself with our Classic Advent Calendar, and reminisce about the Wizarding World. No matter what age you are, your Christmas should be filled with magical holiday cheer. This advent calendar consisting of 24 gifts is here to spark moments of joy during your Christmas countdown. With an exclusive assortment of stationeries, accessories and other gifts, your Harry Potter fan heart will be pleased. If you are lucky, you may even find the one winning ticket hidden in your Advent Calendar wherein you’ll win the Cinereplicas Nimbus 2000 replica!

To find out more about the contents of this advent calendar, watch our video here



Harry Potter Deluxe Advent Calendar 2022 | $74.95

Our Deluxe Advent Calendar ensures decadent Harry Potter fans an experience like no other. This limited edition calendar housing 24 premium gifts like gomee, socks, gloves, necklace, etc., will join you on your magical wait for Christmas day. Aside from the mix of gifts, the box is also made of high-quality cardboard that can be reused as an organizer. Similar to the classic Advent calendar, the deluxe Advent calendar also has a surprise for one lucky winner! A hidden ticket found in only 1 advent calendar will win the newest and most anticipated Cinereplicas Firebolt replica! 

Watch our video here to see the contents of this premium advent calendar. 


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