Get into the Stranger Things Chronicles With Our Latest Notebook Collection

Welcome, fellow adventurers of the extraordinary! Prepare for your journey into the eerie realm of Stranger Things. Choose your favorite among the 7 notebooks: Scoops Ahoy, Eleven, Vecna, Hellfire Club, Demogorgon, Dustin, and Surfer Boy Pizza now. 

Each notebook, along with its add-ons, boasts a unique design to meet your specific preferences. Besides, we have two types of covers: soft covers and hard covers. While the softcover can hold up to 120 pages, the hardcover gives you more sheets of 160 pages. Pour out your ideas, write your notes, or sketch your drawing on the smooth paper inside.

Scoops Ahoy Softcover Notebook

Take a look at the blue theme that reflects the ocean and its marine life. The ice cream artwork in the middle includes an anchor that conjures up the feeling of an ice cream stand by the beach, adding a refreshing touch. Not only does the cover have Scoops Ahoy artwork, but the inside sheets have Robin and Steve name tags on each page, which is equally impressive.

Eleven Softcover Notebook

In contrast to the Scoops Ahoy notebook, the Eleven has a dark and mysterious cover design. An 11-card playing card frames her face in both the human and Upside Down worlds. Moreover, the papers inside are designed in a vintage style, featuring an Eleven screaming face in the bottom corner.



Vecna Lenticular Notebook

Diabolical with many abilities, Vecna on this nootebook can transform from one being to another. In his human form, he is Henry Creel, while in another form, he can be Vecna. Turn this lenticular notebook and witness Henry Creel transform into Vecna in a split second. The plastic softcover makes it lightweight to bring anywhere while giving protection to the pages.


Hellfire Club Hardcover Notebook

This Hellfire Club notebook features the club's logo in the center and a black background, as well as a red elastic band to hold the notebook closed. Not to mention that our hardcover series contains 40 more decorated pages of Hellfire Club weapons. Also, you will find Eddie Munson's one-page cover and a pop-up of his electric guitar as an accessory.

Demogorgon Hardcover Notebook

The front cover of the Demogorgon hardcover notepad is a beautiful illustration that captures the essence of the Upside Down world creature. Open this notebook and look for the vintage-style page with Demogorgon evolution on the graph paper.

Surfer Boy Pizza Hardcover Notebook

Different from the other notebooks, the Surfer Boy Pizza notebook has a bright yellow cover background with red checkered lining at the top and bottom. Get a surprise of paper glasses attached on the inside decorated in a pizza box theme that can be used for fun or to reproduce the iconic scene from the season 5.cinere

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