Magical Delights: Dobby, Hedwig, and Chocolate Frog Keyring Plush

Come along as we embark on a delightful journey through the captivating world of Dobby, Hedwig, and the charming Chocolate Frog keychain plushes from the Wizarding World. Imagine having these interactive miniature replicas of the characters that are now readily available!


To begin with, the Chocolate Frog keyring plush, constructed entirely of polyester, holds a soft surface and a fluffy feel when grasped. Not only one, it comes with two plushies: the Chocolate Frog itself and the Chocolate Box. Its distinctive forms and dark chocolate hue will gracefully adorn your handbags.

Additionally, our Dobby keyring plush will be your loyal companion on all your exciting journeys, just as Dobby is to Harry Potter. The adorable character has a charming facial expression, complemented by a delightful combination of beige and grey for his shirt. He is also seen holding a vibrant blue sock that symbolises his freedom.

Finally, tuck this plush Hedwig keyring into your purse. Designed to be held in the hand, this beautiful white Hedwig dangles from its top with an ideal keyring. These stuffed plushes are the ideal present for loved ones who admire figurines that are easy to keep around and are adorable.

Hong Kong Team

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