Gloves Screentouch "Magic Touch" - Ravenclaw

(Code: 8199564297)

  • Fabric: 98% ultra soft acrylic + 2% conductive materials 
  • Brand: Cinereplicas
  • One size only (adult) - universal size
  • Works with every touchscreen (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Tabs...)
  • Come with a transparent Harry Potter zipper bag
  •  Official Harry Potter Warner Bros licence

With Cinereplicas, Harry Potter magic never stops. These Hufflepuff houses gloves are not only ultra-soft, beautiful and embroidered with a house badge, they are also magical! You may use them on any touchscreen devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy...

    Made with very soft and breathing fabric, you can use those gloves on every touchscreen possible.
    Harry Potter gloves are great. Harry Potter screentouch magic gloves are better!

    - Match with the  Ravenclaw Harry Potter scarves, Ravenclaw beanies and Ravenclaw neckties to get the complete Ravenclaw uniform.
    - Essential costume accessory for studient like Cho chang, Padmina, Luna Lovegood....
    - Officially Licensed Harry Potter gloves.

    Ravenclaw roughly corresponds with the element of air. the House colours blue and bronze were chosen to represent the sky and eagle feathers respectively, both having much to do with air

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