How to use my discount code?

How do I use a promo code on

There are times when we'll offer promo codes good for discounts on If you have a valid code, you can apply it at checkout.


On the “checkout” page, look for the “Discount” box.

Enter the promo code and select "APPLY."

With either option, if the promo code you enter is valid, we'll immediately apply the discount to your order total and show you the updated amount.


How do I get a promo code?

The easiest way to subscribe to our newsletter for a Welcome promo code for your first order. As a part of us, we'll keep you updated on exclusive promo codes and sales. We occasionally also post promo codes via our social media channels and on our website.

Why isn't my Nike promo code working?

Make sure you've entered the promo code correctly without any typos and that the promo code has not expired. If it is a valid code, but the discount wasn’t applied, it might not be valid for the specific item(s) in your cart.

Here’re something you can check quickly.

- Our discount codes apply only on non-discounted Cinereplicas products.

While 90% of the products sold on are of our brand, you can always double confirm with our logo on the product page

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- Some promo codes have a minimum purchase amount also. See the Terms and Conditions of your promo code for more information. If you received your promo code via email, the Terms and Conditions can be found in the footer of that particular email.

- Some of our promo code can be used for a limited number of time, or are valid for a limited duration. Double check if your promo code is still valid.

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