Ravenclaw Tie - Deluxe Edition

(Code: 10823527314)

Color: Ravenclaw
  • Official Product under Warner Bros License
  • Cinereplicas Brand
  • This deluxe edition includes:
          - Tie
          - Pin
          - Gift box
  • Unisex
  • Unisize
  • Length: 145 cm / 57 inch 
  • Width: 8 cm / 3 inch
  • Weight: 40 g
  • 100% Microfibre
  • Pin's composition: zinc alloy

More informations

Designed in France

Official Harry Potter Warner Bros licence

Cinereplicas Trademark

Deluxe Edition

Protected by a reusable Harry Potter zipper bag


    The necktie of the Ravenclaw House. Worn with proud by Ravenclaw students like Cho Chang during their studies at Hogwarts in every Harry Potter movies.
    This tie can be worn for a party or at work if you dare!

    Perfect gift for any potterhead, this necktie comes with a  Silver eagle pin's a nice gift box.

    Ravenclaws are known for their wisdom, cleverness, and wit. According to J.K. Rowling, Ravenclaw roughly corresponds to the element of air.

    Ravenclaws possess the traits of cleverness, wisdom, wit, and creativity. Many well-known inventors and innovators have come from Ravenclaw.

    Students in Ravenclaw are noted for their individuality and acceptance of people and things that others would consider weird. They can also be quirky and possess unusual intellectual interests. While others may be inclined to shun and ridicule such people, Ravenclaws generally accept and celebrate these eccentrics.

    - Match with the Ravenclaw scarf, Ravenclaw gloves and Ravenclaw beanie to get the complete Ravenclaw uniform
    - Essential costume accessory for: Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang, Sybill Trelawney, Myrtle Warren, Quirinus Quirrell, Filius Flitwick, Gilderoy Lockhart...
    - Officially Licensed Harry Potter necktie

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