The Phelps twins, mischief managed !

In the Weasley family, each child has its own unique personality traits and as a result Percy is serious and strictly law-abiding while Ginny is open-hearted and a fierce Quidditch player and Fred and George are quite the skittish pair. And this prankster trait is shared with James and Oliver Phelps who played the facetious twins on screen!


From Cosmopolitan

The Phelps twins recently shared that they only went to the movie casting to play truant at school! It has also been heard that while shooting scenes the twins would regularly switch roles just like the Weasley twins do to make their mother confused about who is who. The Phelps twins have denied it but you never know :)

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Sourcesfrom Melty and The Daily Herald

Cover picture from Amino Apps


Lavender Cheung

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