Daniel Radcliffe's crazy new project

Daniel Radcliffe

Since the end of the Harry Potter saga, Daniel Radcliffe has tried to get out of his comfort zone by choosing projects that are the opposite of his role as a gentle wizard. We cannot blame him for not taking risks but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the recognition he deserves so far. 

The new project of the actor, a movie called “Guns Akimbo” intrigues. The movie will follow a young man (Radcliffe, then), who finds himself trapped in a giant role-playing game, where he must fight strangers in a completely hostile city - all in front of millions of spectators hooked on this show broadcast live around the world.

Images of the shooting had leaked. We could see the actor in a strange situation, which shows Daniel Radcliffe in bad shape, obviously on the verge of a nervous breakdown, armed, in his bathrobe wearing lovely slippers in paw shape. We love it!

For now, Guns Akimbo has no release date - but we should know more soon, as the film will be screened at the Toronto Festival in the coming weeks.

Source : Konbini

Lavender Cheung

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